For the modern hospitality business, information is power. You need seamless technology solutions which link up EPOS, stock management and other key operational systems.  You also need to generate detailed real-time data to drive decision-making and profit growth.

That is what you get with Retail & Sports Systems.

As an authorised Partner we are able to offer Datasym's reliable and cost-effective solution that uses the DposSQL software – with added benefits thanks to our position as a leading retail technology provider. If you are a sports business, for example, we can integrate with your retail systems inside the stadium to link and track loyalty data, enabling you to drive more customers to your hospitality outlets and vice versa.

Our modular architecture means we can scale seamlessly to fit the needs of a single site or managed chain of bars, clubs, pubs, cafes, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants and fine dining outlets. It spans everything from purchase order to point of sale, including revenue and gross profit analysis, real-time stock assessment, remote scheduling of promotions, and extensive multi-level reporting. Real-time updates ensure you can rapidly respond to changing demand and stock levels.

Security is assured with support for biometric sign-in and POS functions restricted to authorised staff. Integrated clock in/out functionality ensures you can keep track of employee hours and wages.

Usability is guaranteed with a huge range of customisable features including: pop-up prompts for selecting extras on ordered items; easy application of percentage discounts and promotions; visual table plans; customer tab-opening and split bill functionality; mobile app support for serving staff.

Highly granular reporting functionality is equally powerful, including support for: purchase ordering; goods receiving; setting up new suppliers; real-time sales dashboards; centralised back-office reporting;  real time stock reports.


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