Your store and lifting restrictions on 19th July

As we get closer to the lifting of all restrictions, it is beneficial to make sure your stores, and all of your tills, are ready in plenty of time for 19th July.

During the last 18 month period, all, many, or some of your tills may have been shutdown and now is the time to get them up and running again.

We have put together a few simple steps you can take to help make this happen:

1. Power up all tills that have been powered off and reboot those that are powered on. As each till is started up, don’t be surprised if it needs to carry out numerous Windows updates. Please let these run and restart the tills as required. They are irritating but important for the security of the till.

2. Check your network is fully functional – it may be prudent to give routers or network switches a reboot.

3. Place test transactions to ensure card machines, receipt printers and cash drawers are all working correctly.

4. Check sales are polling through to the back office.

5. If any hardware is to be moved, please double check peripherals have been reconnected to the correct ports (take a photo before you disconnect anything!) and then fully test once it has been placed in its new position. If possible, avoid disconnecting anything you really don’t have to, and pin pads should remain with the till they are connected to.

If you are an RSS customer we have a till check sheet in our knowledge base you could print off and complete for each till.

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