User Group Update January 2021

We’re already through the first month of 2021! This year we will be hosting frequent user groups, with the first happening on the 27th January.

Here is an update of what we discussed in January…

Brexit Update for Retail

A lot of work went into the end of last year amid the ever uncertain changes involving Brexit. Current clients can stay informed by checking the Knowledge Base for the latest on making sure your online store is compliant for European orders.

Microsoft POSReady 7 – end of life

You should be aware that POSReady 7 Extended Support from Microsoft will end on the 12th October 2021 and you will need to upgrade your solution – read more here.

Auction Module

We’ve also just launched our new auction module, going live first with West Ham United. Read more here.

Buy Now Pay Later

We’ve integrated with a number of companies to add a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option to a club’s online store, giving fans the opportunity to spread the cost of their purchases with no interest. 

Payment Updates

We’re in the process of rolling out Optomany V3. The payment portal is now branded, more seamless and looks like part of the website and we’ll be updating this across all our customers.

New Carrier Integrations

We worked on integrations with a number of carriers last year including DPD, AGL, ITD Global and SEKO, with the last three all being carrier independent.

Product Videos

Videos to showcase products is now available.

3rd Party Marketplace Integration

Working closely with Feedonomics, Jonas Sports Retail customers can optimise and list products on hundreds of channels. Find out more here.

Pay by Bank Transfer

Paying by bank transfer is a payment option that is expected to grow in popularity in the next few years and we have integrated with American Express. The advantage to clubs is that there is little acquiring cost and money can arrive in your bank account on the same day the order is placed.

Save on Fees with Vesta Merchant Services

We are also able to offer our own merchant services with our parent company, Vesta. We’re confident that our rates can save you money. Send us a copy of your statements and we will provide a competitive quote, so far we have been able to save customers an average of 10% a year. Let us know you’re interested by filling in the form here.

Salesfire Integration

Salesfire brings extra features to your online store to influence the on-site customer journey and convert visitors into customers. These can be some quick integrations and functionality that can increase conversion rates (to try and hit targets for 2021!). Find out more here.

All of our clients have access to the user groups, which will...

  • Keep them updated on recent developments, initiatives and partnerships
  • Inform and discuss the latest market developments
  • Share what we are working on in the coming months
  • Provide a chance to provide feedback and ask questions
  • Be a great networking opportunity

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