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NetDespatch, the leading SaaS parcel data management platform for postal and parcel carriers, has formed a partnership with ecommerce solution provider, Retail and Sports Systems Ltd, whose clients include Fulham FC, Campo Sports and Middlesbrough FC, in order to simplify despatch of both domestic and international parcels.

With a client list that boasts many renowned sports clubs, Retail and Sports Systems was previously using a bespoke shipping management tool which could not provide the company with the level of agility it was looking for in order to provide a flexible and reliable delivery service, particularly for international deliveries.

Through utilising a simple web services integration with NetDespatch, Retail and Sports Systems can now offer its clients an off the shelf seamless ecommerce delivery experience using a wide range of domestic and international carriers, as well as access to Click and Collect delivery services at a major UK supermarket chain . The integration means that as soon as a parcel is selected for despatch, the correct label for the chosen carrier is automatically produced in their customer’s warehouse ensuring that each parcel is correctly addressed and complies with the carrier’s requirements.

International delivery is streamlined through automatic production of CN22, CN23 and other customs documentation when it is required; a crucial aspect of the service experience for these retailers given the high volume of international orders for prominent UK football club merchandise. At the end of each day the customer can produce their paper manifest for the carrier collection, which also automatically generates an electronic pre-advice to the carrier of that day’s shipments.

“The web-based NetDespatch platform has automated what was previously a very labour intensive process for us,” explained Retail and Sports Systems Director, Richard Waltham. “Before NetDespatch, if we had any issues or changes to a particular order, it was a very manual discovery process to find the problem and fix it. Now, we simply pull a file from the server, send it to NetDespatch and we have our answer in minutes.

“All in all, we are now able to offer our customers a faster, more reliable service that’s easy to support,” concluded Waltham.

"Since working with NetDespatch our business efficiency has increased exponentially," explained Helen Bevan, Operations Manager at Campo Sports. "Having previously worked in an environment where our daily order capacity was capped; the volume of daily orders we can now handle has increased by as much as 220%! In addition, there is now no intervention required from anyone in the warehouse as the NetDespatch system can read all international characters and integrate seamlessly with Royal Mail, so we now have the added reassurance of knowing that the only error that can be made is by the customer when they place the order!"

“The NetDespatch SaaS platforms enable our partners to deliver innovative parcel delivery propositions to their customers via seamless integration with carrier services,” explained Becky Clark, CEO, NetDespatch. “Providing seamless integration with domestic, click and collect and international delivery services has enabled Retail and Sports Systems’ customers to offer a truly global, efficient retail business which can only boost consumer confidence and subsequently fuel their growth in online shopping.”


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